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Co – Founder of Nu Nu Theatre Company:



One of my favourite men once said: ‘Forced love is impossible’. 

Theatre wanted me as his lover. I rejected Theatre. I slapped Theatre. Shouted at him. I ‘deconstructed’ him. I also played awfully… just to make Theatre grow a beard.

But what do you know? Theatre was more and more in love with me.

Me: Mmmmzzzuzzz. I don’t want to be with you, Theatre!

Theatre: But, but, but… I need you more than ever! I dream of you! Who’s to wipe my tears? Buy my fruitcakes? Read my books? Pretend to love me?

Me: Who? I don’t know… Iphigenia! Hamlet! Uncle Vanya! Brecht! Concetta! Kafka’s Rehabilitation House!

He is now lurking in my dreams, pretending to be Eros and waiting to be spit out… restored.

I don’t need Theatre! Theatre needs me! He is stuck to my face, to my lips, to my tongue and he is waiting!






University of Bristol was my last attendance of an educational institution and there, I ”gained” a Masters in Theatre. But the serious gain was that I could make use of their spaces and knowledge. I also met lovely professors with big hearts and minds. They paved my way with support and kindness. There I started to develop a personal approach to theatre-making, which I call ”The Childlike Approach”. And I also embarked on a new journey alongside with the acting: that of the theatre director. I am grateful to my teachers from Bristol University for taking the time to see through me and discovering this my skill.

When 18, I started studying acting in the Conservatoire in Bucharest, where I have discovered all sorts of things. But the greatest thing was to meet my Professor, who was a remarkable and charismatic actor. Many thanks for this chance.

Between 14 and 18, I studied at a College in my hometown something different from what it later followed: Biology and Chemistry. I did like it but I am very happy that I had the strength to switch to a ‘creator’s’ mind.

I had the great chance to be also educated by my Mum and Dad to be careful and respectful. By my Grandmother to show strength. And I want to add here a very important person who stays impregnate in my neurones: my father’s uncle who was a priest. He had a huge love for books and had built his own library of rare books. His status of a true intellectual, who would spent the last penny on books together with his remarkable modesty, have powered my imagination. I am very grateful to own some memories of this man: a few books and a very old accordion which he gave to me.

My educators were also the thin grass, the trees from the countryside, the routines of people there, the sky with his belongings , the frogs in the summer time, the faithful black dog, my dear friends the chickens …who did recognise me as their friend, the cabbages who did not tell Grandma that it was me eating them and not the rabbits, the tasty leeks sticking so proud in the garden and ending up in a delicious stew plus many other things that made me what I am today: mind, soul and body.





Places where I presented my work.


Wickham Theatre – Bristol\ White Theatre – Bristol\Arnolfini – Bristol\ Old Vic Theatre – Bristol/ Roundhouse – London\ LAPsody Festival – Helsinki\Sir Robert Martin Theatre,Loughborough\Bierkeller Theatre – Bristol\Inside Arts Festival – Bristol\ Stroud Festival – Stroud/ Gothenburg Fringe Festival 2016 – Gothenburg/Arena Space, Richard Hamilton Building – Oxford/Elastic Festival – Oxford/Gothenburg Fringe Festival 2017 – Gothenburg/ The Vestibules – Bristol/ Squash and Stretch Festival- Oxford 2018/Hogacre Common Art Show- Oxford/Highfest International Performing Arts Festival- Yerevan, Armenia 2018/Modern Art Oxford, Squash and Stretch book launch Event 2018/Reversed Event at University of Bristol/Lead, International Performance Art Festival, Oxford 2019/Highfest International Performing Arts Festival, Yerevan, 2019/





Gothenburg Fringe Festival Award – ”For uncompromisingly capturing the essence of oppression” ( Biggest face Punch Award) for the production ,,Bandit”

Funded by.

Arts Council England, Bristol University,  Bristol University Alumni Foundation.