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Experiment Ionesco


Experiment Ionesco is an adaptation of Ionesco’s ”The Chairs”. I wanted the

sound for the piece to emerge from extreme loneliness. I wanted the actors to

hear with their own ears how the loneliness is pumping through, making music

and allowing them to be joyful. The chairs, the memories, started to change

and they needed string to be tighten together… in order not to escape from

the fragile spasm of happiness of the two characters. I developed the piece in

Wickham Theatre while studying at Bristol University. Happiness lies in sadness

and sadness lies in happiness. Old people lie in young people and young people

lie in old people. The 2 characters – ‘Semiramis’ and ‘My Little Pet’ – have their

memories constructed and then deconstructed under the pressure of the deep

isolation from their own life.

                                                                    Wickham Theatre/Bristol.11061301_820034098034003_6056473353836565561_o11066505_820034194700660_5861889144466198295_n1069137_820025551368191_2386803233223110433_n 11021364_820025518034861_2489596829287988435_o 11025864_820025511368195_8196784715573756171_o 11070142_820025488034864_2417907443675865218_o 11071130_820025328034880_50687085664304716_n 11046662_820025288034884_836152748722752125_o 11058449_820025351368211_617552968990916653_o 11051827_820025294701550_2136189509166609738_o 10845616_820025264701553_8270365857167278923_o 11053195_820025248034888_2576115892400713177_o 11059334_820025221368224_3251400608642105656_o 11070183_820025134701566_8678744484476554831_n 10854477_820025154701564_5752953906200991146_o 10830468_820025141368232_354454695044053989_o


                                                                                       Bristol Old Vic 14195484_1115691501801593_8254120381759271976_o